That awesome Batman opening to Justice League originally had a more comedic tone, according to actor Holt McCallany

Justice League has polarized fans, and isn’t exactly leaping-tall-buildings-in-a-single-bound at the box-office. However, one thing that everyone seems to agree on: the opening was awesome. Gotham City felt alive in a way that hasn’t been captured since Tim Burton’s Batman. The colors, dialogue, fight choreography… it simply felt right. Another pleasant surprise was (the Excellent) Mindhunter’s Holt McCallany being the subject of Batman’s rooftop beating. According to McCallany, that opening – which was written and directed – was originally very comedic. Speaking to Men’s Fitness, the actor reveals that Warner Bros. was not too keen on opening with a comedic scene:

“I love Joss Whedon. My scene with Batman was originally conceived as a comedic scene. That’s how Joss wrote it, and that’s how we shot it. I thought it came out great, but the studio felt it would be a mistake to open
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