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Poll: You Are Breaking the Fourth Wall!!! (Part 2)

Fourth wall breaking is when a character knows that he or she is on screen and continues on to acknowledge the audience's existence. Which character that breaks the 4th Wall is your favorite?

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    Shirley Valentine-Bradshaw

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    Malcolm Wilkerson

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    Francis Underwood

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    Francis Urquhart

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    Abed Nadir

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    Zack Morris

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    Denny Crane

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    Will Smith

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    Homer Simpson

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    Peter Griffin

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    Kermit the Frog

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    Porky Pig

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    Sir Frederick Fleet

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    Adenoid Hynkel

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    Billy Ray Valentine

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    Jack Slater

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    The Colonel

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    Jim Halpert

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    David Addison Jr.

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    Bernie 'Mac' McCullough

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    Scott Pilgrim

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    John Blutarsky

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    Charles Bronson

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    Yuri Orlov

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    The Mask

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    Black Bart

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    Jared Vennett

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    Jim Garrison