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1. Gaius Lee DuPree Gaius Lee DuPree Actor, Vamp Bikers the Series Gaius Lee DuPree is a child actor. His most recent film works are: Relation Shipwreck,Dead Redux, A Little Different, Rook, ...To Ashes, Insignifigance, My Devil's Night, Back Where She Came From, Doritos: ASL Doritos Baby - Crash the Super Bowl 2014 and Vamp Bikers the Series. It all began with a commercial job, as the "PYRAM Boy" (2014) with the PYRAM Company... 2' 4"
2. Kanya Sesser Kanya Sesser Actress, Chevelle: Door to Door Cannibals Kanya was born in Pak Chong, Thailand without legs. She was abandoned on the front steps of a Buddhist temple when she was only one week old. The monks at the temple took care of her for one year until she was transferred to a Bangkok hospital. The plan was to find her a family, and more importantly a loving home... 3'
3. Aldana Jussich Aldana Jussich Actress, Autumn Sun 3' 11¼"
4. Tyler Northcott Tyler Northcott Actor, Billy: The Early Years Tyler was born in Nashville, Tennessee to Steven and Pamela Northcott. He now resides in Watertown, TN, where he enjoys doing whatever he's doing, whenever he's doing it. Though he is soft spoken, he is a determined lad who does the right thing first and foremost. With sparkling blue eyes, he is a sight to see. And we hope to see more of him in the future. 4' 7"
5. Beverly Polcyn Beverly Polcyn Actress, Not Another Teen Movie 4' 11"
6. Nell Carter Nell Carter Actress, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper Her trademark sass complimented by a distinctively adenoidal voice that could out-snarl Eartha Kitt and Fran Drescher put together, short (4'11"), round, and robust Nell Carter was one indomitable, in-your-face firecracker...and it made her a star. She was born Nell Ruth Hardy in 1948 in Birmingham... 4' 11"
7. Kathy Johnson Kathy Johnson Miscellaneous Crew, American Anthem 5'
8. Rosita Díaz Gimeno Rosita Díaz Gimeno Actress, Pepita Jiménez 5'
9. Ayaka Ohashi Ayaka Ohashi Actress, Eureka Seven: Ao 5'
10. Whitney Costner Whitney Costner Makeup Department, Savage U 5'
11. Ai Kayano Ai Kayano Actress, Ao Haru Ride 5' 0¼"
12. Megan Henning Megan Henning Actress, I Know Who Killed Me 5' 0½"
13. Mami Asakura Mami Asakura 5' 0¾"
14. Mercy Miller Mercy Miller Self, Master P's Family Empire 5' 1"
15. Mahsa Masoudi Mahsa Masoudi Actress, The Torturer 5' 1"
16. Ellyse Deanna Ellyse Deanna Actress, All Bets Are Off Ellyse was raised on Mercer Island in Washington State, attending Christian Kings Schools. At 16, though never acting before - nor even taking a drama class - she thought that acting could be a fun hobby. She landed roles in local productions of Oklahoma and Les Miserables then auditioned for four independent films in Seattle... 5' 1"
17. Natsuki Okamoto Natsuki Okamoto Actress, Siren 5' 1"
18. Yuki Matsuoka Yuki Matsuoka Actress, Appleseed 5' 1½"
19. Chinatsu Wakase Chinatsu Wakase Actress, Kiss me or kill me: Todokanakutemo aishiteru 5' 1½"
20. August Knight August Knight Actress, Sexual Retreat August was born to Argentinean immigrant parents in Southern California. August was a cheerleader in high school and lost her virginity at age 16. She worked in an optician's office prior to starting out in the adult entertainment industry initially as a nude model. August has worked for such companies as Evil Angel... 5' 1¾"
21. Janet Jade Janet Jade Actress, Breast of Scoreland 2 5' 1¾"
22. Eileen Fulton Eileen Fulton Actress, As the World Turns 5' 2"
23. Fiona Apple Fiona Apple Soundtrack, Bridesmaids Daughter of former singer Diane McAfee and actor Brandon Maggart. She was classically trained as a pianist as a child and began composing songs when she was eight years old. She crafted a demo tape while in Los Angeles finishing High School. When she returned home to New York for Christmas one of the tapes found its way to a friend who supervised the care of a music industry executive's children... 5' 2"
24. Erin Way Erin Way Actress, Alphas A former ballet dancer, Way got the acting bug while in high school and has never looked back. She has already worked with such names as Mark Ruffalo, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ron Howard, and Joe Dante. She comes from a family of six children and was home schooled with her two brothers through high school. She lives in Los Angeles. 5' 2"
25. Chiara Aurelia Chiara Aurelia Actress, Gerald's Game Chiara Aurelia is a 15 year old actress, dancer and singer. Born in New Mexico Chiara began acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater at age four, and as she's traveled between the mountains of the Southwest, and the Sunshine State, her focus has remained firmly on the arts. She moved to Los Angeles full time in 2014 to pursue her acting career... 5' 2"
26. Angela Summers Angela Summers Actress, Jack Mormon 5' 2"
27. Kathryn Boyd Kathryn Boyd Actress, The Flying Ace 5' 2"
28. Brooklyn Night Brooklyn Night Actress, Teen Fuck Holes 2 5' 2"
29. Stephanie Katz Stephanie Katz Actress, The Shiftling Stephanie Katz was born on September 13, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. She always knew she wanted to act, and therefore began training at the age of seven when her family moved to Ventura County. She graduated from Oak Park High School with honors in 2003 and moved to Orange County to attend the University of California: Irvine as a psychology and social behavior major... 5' 2"
30. Kathy Hanner Kathy Hanner Actress, The Junction Kathy Hanner grew up in Baldwin, Illinois. A small town just an hour away from St. Louis, Missouri. She made her motion picture debut as an extra in the movie "Black Hole". Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Nursing. Other credits include: The Musical "GodSpell", several local commercials, and regular appearances on the St.Louis Country Television Show... 5' 2"
31. Michelle Couwenhoven Michelle Couwenhoven 5' 2"
32. Lee Arleth Lee Arleth Actress, Batbabe: The Dark Nightie 5' 2"
33. Ksenia Afanasyeva Ksenia Afanasyeva Self, Beijing 2008: Games of the XXIX Olympiad 5' 2"
34. Sienna Rose Sienna Rose Actress, Fantastic Four 5' 2½"
35. Joan Gale Joan Gale Actress, The Miracle Rider 5' 2½"
36. Riva Chang Riva Chang Actress, Yu hou chiao yang 5' 2½"
37. Bronwyn Reed Bronwyn Reed Actress, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 5' 3"
38. Gladys George Gladys George Actress, The Maltese Falcon One of the fine if relatively short-lived character actresses of Hollywood heydays of the 1930s and 1940s, Gladys George came into an acting family while literally on the road. Her parents were actually English and touring with a Shakespearean theater company in Patten, Maine when she was born (although usually noted as 1900... 5' 3"
39. Christine Estabrook Christine Estabrook Actress, The Usual Suspects Veteran actress Christine Estabrook has built an impressive portfolio of roles in film, television, and theater. Born and raised in East Aurora, near Buffalo, New York, Estabrook was one of five children raised by a single mother. She worked her way through school at various jobs, including a stint at the very first Fisher-Price toy factory making toys by hand... 5' 3"
40. Raymond O'Connor Raymond O'Connor Actor, The Rock 5' 3"
41. Carol Anne Watts Carol Anne Watts Actress, Ant-Man 5' 3"
42. Suzy Spark Suzy Spark Actress, Bubblegum Babes 5 5' 3"
43. Corin Riggs Corin Riggs Self, Playboy Plus Very fetching and slender 5'3" brunette knockout Corin Riggs was born on September 13, 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona. Riggs attended Arizona State University as a pre-med student. After going to a casting call for Playboy Plus in Phoenix, Arizona, Corin went on to become Playboy's Coed of the Week for September 3... 5' 3"
44. Cara Jaye Cara Jaye Actress, Arrange to Settle Cara Jaye was born September 13, 1994 in Silver Spring, Maryland. She is an actress and musician. She studied acting and improv at Roundhouse Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland; dance, acting, and voice at the Studio of Ballet Arts in Sandy Spring, Maryland; acting, voice, dance and movement at the Olney Theatre in Olney... 5' 3"
45. Jana Kozewa Jana Kozewa Actress, Freundschaft mit Herz 5' 3"
46. Megumi Oda Megumi Oda Actress, Hanjuku Madonna: oishii futomomo 5' 3"
47. Kathi Leitner Kathi Leitner Actress, Café Meineid 5' 3½"
48. Geri Jewell Geri Jewell Actress, The Facts of Life 5' 3½"
49. Jochen Stern Jochen Stern Actor, Good Bye Lenin! 5' 3¾"
50. Erika Oda Erika Oda Actress, After Life 5' 3¾"
1-50 of 1,113 names.