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Character error 

Cassie, Ant Man's (Scott Lang) daughter is shown to be 5-6 years old in the film. Lang was sentenced to five years in prison and is shown getting out at the beginning. Assuming that he was arrested, convicted and sentenced when she was either in the womb or as a newborn, she would have 12-18 months old when he went to prison.

The film never explains how she got to know her father considering her very young age , especially when it makes it very clear that his ex-wife has not only moved onto another relationship, but is unhappy to see him at Cassie birthday party which occurs within days of his release from prison.
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When the characters are discussing retrieving the device from Avengers headquarters, Scott refers to them as the "Advengers" and none of the other characters call him on it.
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The first time Scott shrinks himself, he shrinks upwards, so that his newly miniaturized body is roughly where his head was originally. This causes him to fall 5-6 feet down into the tub. Every other time he shrinks for the rest of the movie, he shrinks downward, keeping his feet on the ground each time (save for when he shrinks in mid-air).
When Yellowjacket gets hit by Thomas The Tank Engine we see the train fully derail onto the table top from the perspective of Cassie Lang, however the very next shot is of Yellowjacket on the tracks, with Thomas' face directly behind him, so Yellowjacket can throw Thomas at Ant-Man.
Hank is shot in the left shoulder by one of Cross' henchman. The next time that we see Hank the wound is in his right shoulder.
When everyone is at Dr. Pym's house discussing the plan, Luis' shirt is unbuttoned in one shot, but buttoned all the way up in all the other shots.
When Scott is tinkering with the regulator, Hank warns him "Do not screw with the regulator!" But during the scene where Scott goes subatomic, Hank is heard in the background during a flashback quote incorrectly saying "Do not mess with the regulator!"
Dr. Pym slams the employee's face into the table, making his nose bleed from both nostrils. He holds a hankie to it and in the next few cuts there's no blood at all from that major face trauma. In a final cut there's a tiny amount of blood again.
When Scott, Paxton, Maggie and Cassie are having dinner together, The amount and position of the food on Cassie's plate changes several times throughout the scene.
When Hope is pointing the pistol, her trigger finger changes position between shots. First it's off the trigger and outside the guard, then it's on the trigger and finally it's back off the trigger and outside the guard again.
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When Scott wakes up in Hank's home, we can clearly see the floor to the (viewer's) right of the bed. It is clear throughout the scene. Then when the angle changes as Scott prepares to get out of the bed, it is suddenly completely covered by ants.
When the miniature Thomas the Tank Engine is shown, Thomas' face is molded with his mouth open. After the miniature Thomas grows to the size of a full-size train, his mouth is closed.
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When Darren Cross is first seen in Dr. Pym's house, where Cross in a later scene stated that he went to kill Dr. Pym, Cross is shown wearing gloves. Immediately after and all the rest of the scene Cross is no longer wearing gloves. However, Cross is never shown taking the gloves off.

Crew or equipment visible 

After his daughter's birthday party, Scott is in his van. The camera slowly moves to make a close-up of Scott, but we see the reflection of the red light of the camera and a face (cameraman or assistant maybe) in the mirror of the van.

Factual errors 

Most surfaces Ant-Man is seen on when he's shrunken (earth, concrete, wood, tin, glass) couldn't sustain a body 1/4 inch in size and 180 pounds in weight, without sustaining dents, cracks and holes. The pressure would be simply too big, especially when he starts running around.
Scott and Darren's voices remain the same when shrunk to insect size. Sound waves create a higher pitch when moved through a small area, and a deeper pitch in a larger area. The infamous "voice cracking" during puberty takes place because the throat is now larger. As frequently depicted in cartoons about shrinking, both characters should have high-pitched voices.
An ant would not be able to survive growing to the size of a dog. Ants lack lungs, limiting the amount of oxygen they can absorb and thereby limiting their size. Also, an exo-skeleton would be too weak to support such a large creature's weight.
When we see Scott Lang in a fight scene outside Darren's vault,he jumps onto a guard's gun.The ant man science says that when shrunk mass remains the same so the gun should fall down.
When the toy train enlarges and falls on a car it shouldn't destroy it since it has the same weight as the toy and because it is bigger even less pressure.
In the final fight scene involving Ant-Man, Hope, Darren Cross, and his henchmen in the laboratory, the ants can be seen holding back the hammer on the pistols that the henchman are using, stopping them from firing. The pistols they were in fact using were Glocks which are striker fired and do not have an external hammer. This concept is clever, and would have worked better if different pistols had been used.
When you shrink someone by "reducing the space between atoms", you don't reduce his weight. He should be very dense with a human weight so an ant should not be able to support him on its back.
The ICBM launched by the separatists in Kursk has writings in the Latin alphabet. However, since it is a Soviet missile, the writings should instead use the Russian Cyrillic alphabet.
The crazy ants are said to be longhorn crazy ants (paratrechina longicornis) but they are actually tawny crazy ants (nylanderia fulva). Longhorn crazy ants are black in color while tawny crazy ants are red. On top of that, longhorn crazy ants aren't even attracted to electricity.
Several characters are supposedly bitten by bullet ants but carry on as if it had been regular ant bites without the debilitating pain. "The pain caused by this insect's sting is reported to be greater than that of any other insects and according to some victims, equal to being shot. It is described as causing "waves of burning, throbbing, all-consuming pain that continues unabated for up to 24 hours".
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When Kurt is on the telephone pole disabling the land line and blocking the cell signal his head is inches from power transformers. Telecommunications on poles are no where near that close to power strands and transformers.
Hank and Page use the tank to escape by driving through the wall of Pym-Tech but proceed to drop at least three stories. The impact would have caused severe injury if not death to both occupants.
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In the scene where Scott Lang finally learns to control the ants with Hope van Dyne in the car, Lang tells the ants to spin a Lincoln cent on its side and the coin rings. The composition of that Lincoln cent is 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper (copper-plated zinc), and would not ring if flipped or spun. Only Lincoln cents made of 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc, which was minted up until 1982, would have made that ringing sound.
ICBM's do not fly in level flight patterns as shown in the film. The missile is propelled into a low Earth orbit, goes into a steep arc and then descends upon its target. It doesn't fly in a level attitude at any point from its launch to its landing.

The 1978 film Superman shows the same error when its ballistic missiles are also launched.
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Many of the ants in the film are referred to as male. In actual ant colonies, nearly all ants are female, and the males only live long enough to mate (similar to bees, wasps and other related insects). Thus, most if not all of the ants in the film should be female.
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When Paxton, Maggie, and Cassie were dining, Paxton receives a message. But the mobile was actually in a silent mode, which you could see on the top of the mobile-screen, we could actually hear the notification sound.
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The Wasp is shown flying onto an ICBM in mid-flight. Considering that the speed of "average" intercontinental ballistic missile needs to be at least 7km per second, it would have been physically impossible for her to fly fast enough to catch up to the missile in flight.

Additionally, a portion of the missile's flight takes it into low Earth orbit. This is the "ballistic portion" of the flight and it would have exposed both Ant Man (Hank Pym) and The Wasp to far lower air pressure than would be possible to keep themselves breathing or not to experience body temperature issues as their suits were not pressurized.
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When Scott is riding the Ants in the water main to enter Pym Technologies, printing can be seen on the inside of the pipe. Pipe is typically stamped with information such as size, location, wall thickness and such but only on the outside of it and never on the inside. Because of how pipe is labeled it is impossible for printing to end up inside the pipe.
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When Ant Man is tasked with retrieving the signal decoy, Hank describes the building as one of Howard Stark's Facility but as Ant Man flies down there they discover it is the Avengers HQ. As Ant Man enters the building through a door vent, the door says Stark on it.
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

The ant man shrinks smaller than atoms in one scene. If that were the case, he couldn't have been breathing as the oxygen molecules would have been too large. However, he spent too little time there to suffocate. Furthermore, any internal air supply the suit has would have shrunk with him. And given the drastically reduced lung capacity of a shrunken human, it is reasonable to assume that the suit has such an air supply as part of its normal functioning.
The method of shrinking is described as "reducing the space between atoms". However, the suit's limiter is designed to prevent "sub-atomic shrinking", which wouldn't be possible by merely reducing the distance between atoms. It is possible though that the regulator is actually what causes the space between the atoms to shrink without shrinking the atoms as well.

Plot holes 

Ant-Man is repeatedly told that his mass does not change upon miniaturization. This means, however, that no ant or group thereof--crawling or flying--could support him.
The gun Dr. Cross uses to threaten Ant-Man is a Glock, which doesn't have a hammer which can be cocked.
Ant-Man and the insects get in through a water faucet, but the faucet was not turned on. They would not have been able to open the valve from the inside.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Factual errors 

Flying ants could never get near a flying helicopter from below due to the prop wash of its main rotor.

Plot holes 

The "toy" tank that Pym carries on his key chain is later revealed to be a shrunken real tank. However, according to the logic of the movie the mass of a shrunken object remains the same, in this case around 30 to 50 tons.

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