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For pure laughs, for the experience of just sitting in a chair and breaking up every minute or so, Superbad is 2007's most successful comedy.
What's most memorable, most striking about Superbad is the canny evocation of male friendship in all its richness and complexity.
The movie is astonishingly foul-mouthed, but in a fluent, confident way where the point isn't the dirty words, but the flow and rhythm, and the deep, sad yearning they represent.
It helps that the fun doesn't stop. It helps even more that the pitch-perfect script doesn't step out of character for a joke.
What with everyone so focused on the raunchiness, it comes as a complete surprise to find that Superbad is in fact a love story.
Superbad is cute if you like guys who aren't even remotely bad, in a coming-of-age tale so old-fashioned the girls might just as well be wearing bloomers.
Side-splitting laughter, along with some powerful cringing, are likely to be audiences' dominant reactions.
Intermittently hilarious if also interminable.
There is a hint of sentimentality among the pals at the end, but not enough to offset the film's harmless combination of camaraderie and wished-for - oh, how they wish for it - debauchery.
Chicago Tribune
In this teen-boy universe, sex is everywhere and nowhere, it's oozing out of every pop culture pore and every other insane boast, yet the idea of figuring out how to talk to girls without turning into a yutz remains elusive.
Miami Herald
Superbad never forgets the lesson one learns when looking back on one's awkward youth: Cool isn't just where society dictates; it is also where you find it.
The Hollywood Reporter
Some of the patter is funny, but the movie lacks the clever plot developments and the character nuances of a classic like "American Graffiti." And it's missing the belly laughs of earlier raunchfests "American Pie" and "There's Something About Mary."

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