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Kevin Hart's best performance and sporadic laugh-out-loud moments, but it ultimately clutches onto the same tropes and beats as other movies of its ilk.
Andrew Gold26 December 2015
I really wanted to like this movie, mainly because I think Kevin Hart has had a rough few years. Not financially of course; the guy has been starring in more than a few comedies the past couple years, but critically, none of them (Ride Along, Get Hard, About Last Night) can be called a genuinely great movie. The Wedding Ringer is the best of the bunch, though. This is Kevin Hart in his element - his most dynamic performance and playing a Hitch-style role where he gets hired to be people's best mans for guys who don't have any friends. Josh Gad plays the loser character, and he and Hart have great chemistry and some very funny back and forth moments. I was actually surprised at how much I was enjoying this movie for the first half, but then the problems became too glaring to ignore.

The premise feels fresh and fun in the beginning. It felt like a cross between Wedding Crashers and I Love You, Man without directly copying either of them. The problem is, those movies had more character depth beyond their two leads. Here, every character besides Hart and Gad are cardboard cutouts. The biggest offender is Paige, played by Kaley Cuoco. She is the most shallow caricature of a woman I've seen in comedy in a long long time. It's a shame because Kaley does what she can, but her character is so one-dimensional you can't even connect with her on any level. The random groomsman have their moments, but they're still only caricatures. There's the buff guy, the fresh out of prison rapist, the guy who likes pulling out his penis, the socially awkward guy, etc. They may have defining traits, but not one of them feels like a fleshed out character.

Structure is another problem in this movie because after an excellent setup, it starts going down the list of the same tropes and beats as every other zany wedding comedy. Competitive family football scene? Check. Guy finding out girl is actually a bitch? Check. Guy and employer who have a strictly business relationship actually become friends in the end? Check. It's a shame because when Kevin Hart is given a chance to shine, he shines. But those moments become less and less often as the movie tries to tie itself neatly with a bow in the third act.

The Wedding Ringer is good for a few laughs, but in the end it's just another Kevin Hart comedy that had potential but didn't explore it. The man has proved himself to be a comedic force to be reckoned with. Now it's just a waiting game until he finds a script that fully plays to his strengths. Until then, The Wedding Ringer seems to be the one to beat, and as far as raunchy comedies go, you could do a lot worse.
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Another Feel-Good Comedy
Nunya Biznis6 February 2015
There's honestly not much more to say on this movie. It did exactly what it seems it set out to do- make people laugh and have them walk away with the warm fuzzies.

The characters have great chemistry on screen, especially Kevin Hart and Josh Gad. The plot is pretty easy to predict, but there are still a few surprises on how some points are executed. There are some great laugh-out-loud moments, even with a couple of cringe-worthy ones (was the view of what the dog chomped on really needed?).

All in all, I had a good time watching it. I kind of wish I had waited to see it in the $2 theater, but I'd watch it again if given the chance.
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You will laugh so much
LenaS1520 April 2015
I haven't laughed this much watching a movie in a very long time. It was truly a entertaining movie filled with laughter and comedy. A very positive and fun movie that will leave you with a big smile on your lips.I totally recommend this movie to anyone. Kevin Hart was great in his role, so was Josh Gad as well. I didn't expect this movie to be THIS good and funny. Loved every scene in this movie and each character in this movie was super hilarious. The only thing i can think of that wasn't that great was actually Kaley Cuoco-Sweetings acting, she was a bit annoying in this movie. But it doesn't matter everything else is perfect. You will not get disappointed in watching this movie, it will leave you with a big big smile on your lips.
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Kevin Hart's best movie I have seen. I laughed a lot throughout. Hart and Gad are great together. Best comedy in a while.
Tony Heck28 April 2015
"God created the world in seven days. We gotta do a whole lot more in a lot less time." Doug Harris (Gad) is getting married but has a problem. Doug doesn't have any friends and needs groomsmen. When he is told about Jimmy (Hart) he thinks he found his solution. The more the two get to know each other the more they find out about themselves. I was a little leery about this movie. The previews made it seem funny enough and I really like Josh Gad, but Kevin Hart can sometimes get a little too annoying for me. This is an exception. Hart played it almost perfect and I never once felt like he was too over the top or annoying like in Ride Along. I laughed much more than I was expecting to at this and there is enough types of humor for everyone to find something they will like. There is also enough heart and story in this to keep you interested in what is happening and not just waiting for the next joke. Me and my wife both liked this more than we expected too and this is one of the better comedies to come out in a while. Overall, nothing all that original and pretty predictable but it was very funny and when you rent a comedy that is what you are looking for. To me this is Kevin Hart's best movie I have seen. I give this a B+.
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Clichéd, cobbled together comedy mess
jadavix5 July 2016
"The Wedding Ringer" is another modern comedy that tries to have it both ways. It goes for gross-out, outrageous humour, referencing topics like child abuse and zoophilia, but also tries for moments of soppiness. It gets neither, perhaps because the script is just so clichéd and yet poorly assembled that it seems to lurch from one familiar moment to the next. It's like the movie has a split personality, one good, one evil, both exhausted.

The movie opens with the suave, charming pretend best man played by Kevin Hart (is he the "Wedding Ringer" of the title? What is a "wedding ringer"?) killing it in his role as a best friend for hire, fooling everyone with a marvelous speech. The guy who hired him thinks they might actually be friends, but no! Hart is a cold S.O.B. who is only in it for the money. But could he possibly have a heart (no pun intended) after all?

Anyway, our hero tracks him down to employ his services as a best man for his own wedding - he's an average looking fat guy with no friends who has improbably convinced some blonde babe to marry him: Kaley Cuoco, who has made a career of playing the blonde babe with an improbable connection to quirky geeks and misfits.

If you aren't clichéd out by now, it gets worse: Kevin Hart doesn't want take the job! He laughs in the hero's face!

Just once I would like to see a movie which begins with someone being offered a job and them accepting it. Why do they ALWAYS have to turn it down at first? Of course, something happens - who cares what, it's so trite you stop paying attention - to make Hart change his mind.

Then we get obligatory scenes of Hart and the loser hero - Josh Gad, I think the actor who plays him is called - rehearsing for their pretend friendship. In a wiser comedy, this material could actually be poignant and truthful, but of course it just goes for silly montages showing ridiculous ways of faking photos to convince people they have a history.

The movie gets more than a little weird in its reliance on cliché when Hart has to assemble a group of groomsmen who will also pretend to be the loser hero's friends, and exclusively chooses weirdos. Why would someone as gifted at the con as Hart's character is shoot himself in the foot so ridiculously by choosing his partners in crime so poorly? They look like they're not even from the same universe as him. I fear, reader, it is because believable conmen like Hart's character would become a bit creepy if we saw them fool everybody to that extent. Not to be - we need easy laughs, again, to distract from the essential sadness of the movie's premise, that some people don't have friends and have to buy them to avoid embarrassment. We don't get those laughs, but never mind.

If the movie didn't lose me here, the "Bachelor Party"/"Hangover Part Twelve" scene that came soon after did. We needed the gross out, and the graphic male nudity, so we get a party which spirals out of control and, wouldn't you know it, all the freaky groomsmen's weirdness comes in handy after all, as if this were a kids' movie circa 1994, trying to teach us to value the individuality of people.

Or, you know, perhaps the filmmakers just ran out of grown up movie clichés and started ripping off "The Mighty Ducks". There is also an obligatory sports scene, with quick editing of people getting rammed into, falling over, getting muddy... and then the heroes winning, despite the presence of the 6'10" Ed "Too Tall" Jones, a football hero in real life, and another guy who's 6'6". They could have made this scene at least halfway believable by casting average guys. What was the point of making the opposite team actual NFL retirees?

You know how it's going to end between Hart & Gad. What may be harder to believe is that they try for a sweet moment after some of the other garbage the movie contains. It veers between gross out and glucose to quickly it could give you whiplash. Hart does have a few funny moments though. As with "Get Hard", he is the only thing about this movie that works.
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Hilarious comedy with gut-busting laughs
Screen_Blitz29 April 2015
Josh Gad and Kevin Hart bring the laughs out in this hysterical buddy comedy. Josh Gad plays Doug Harris, who is two weeks away from getting married to his beloved fiancée, Gretchen Palmer. However, Doug doesn't have any close friends to attend his wedding. He hires Jimmy Callahan, played by Kevin Hart, to provide best men to attend his wedding. As the days approach, an unexpected friendship develops between Doug and Jimmy, and wild nights of hysteria ensues. This is one of the funniest R-rated comedies I've seen since 22 Jump Street, which was last summer. Its funny, hysterical, and sure had me laughing frequently.

Kevin Hart has been one of the funniest actors in Hollywood. I was quite surprised to see Josh Gad doing a comedy. I have only known him doing the voice of Olaf in Disney's Frozen, and playing Steve Wozniak in the biopic drama Jobs, which was a critical failure. I also surprised by the comedic chemistry him and Kevin Hart brought in this movie. The dance during the wedding reception scene with these two was easily one of the most laugh-inducing scenes in the film. The scene taking place a the bachelor with the dog was a bit crude, but I couldn't help laugh. Kevin Hart also delivers some of the funniest dialogue in many scenes. Sure, there are some scenes that were a bit predictable, but they still manage to be entertaining.

Overall, this movie didn't disappoint me very much. It was very funny and entertaining. If you are a Kevin Hart fan, this movie is a good choice. Be cautious, there are a few nude scenes but don't let them turn you away.
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Not that funny! 3/10
leonblackwood12 July 2015
Review: This is yet another annoying movie from Kevin Hart, with loads of silly jokes and an unrealistic storyline. Its about a groom who doesn't have any friends so he can't come up with a best man for his wedding. He's referred to a "Best Man" agency who supply the perfect man for the job. The groom, played by Josh Gad, asks the agency for the "Golden Package" so the fake best man (Kevin Hart) recruits his close friends to help him with the job. The whole situation becomes a right mess because none of there stories match up but Hart and Gad become close and the groom realises that the marriage to his perfect bride, isn't what he needs in his life. The film is non-stop from the beginning to end and it felt like the director crammed in too much material. The jokes really aren't that great and the plot goes from one ridiculous scene to the next. The only thing that keeps the movie interesting is the relationship between the two main characters who brought light to the crazy situation. Apart from that, I really didn't find this movie that funny and the storyline became quite annoying after a while. Disappointing!

Round-Up: I really can't see how this movie made any money at the box office! There's obviously an audience for Kevin Hart's type of comedy because his movies always make a healthy profit. In this film, his jokes are quite toned down compared to his other movies like Ride Along, About Last Night and Think Like A Man but I still found him quite annoying. Josh Gad acts the same in all of his movies so I wasn't that surprised with his performance. It the first movie to be directed by Jeremy Garelick but he did write and produce the Break- Up with Jennifer Aniston and Vincent Vaughn. Personally, I think that this would have been much better if there was other actors playing the leads because the concept isn't that bad. 

Budget: $23million Worldwide Gross: $80million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedies about a groom who hires a best man for his wedding because he has a lack of close friends. 3/10
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play on player
wilson trivino28 January 2015
A comedy starring Kevin Hart, The Wedding Ringer is a tale of a Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) who has a business that help grooms survive the wedding process. In this case Doug Harris (Josh Gad) has found the woman of his dreams. He just has to give her the fairy tale ending she deserves. In comes Bic (Kevin Hart) to save the day (for a small fee) and allow the couple to live happily ever after. A silly funny film that makes for a good laugh and realize the silliness of putting needless pressures on a big day in a man and woman's life. A perfect movie for those days you want to have a big laugh. I enjoyed it and can't wait for my wedding day.
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Groom Glitches
3xHCCH17 February 2015
Doug is a nerdy introvert who is about to get married to a beautiful girl Gretchen. However, with two weeks to go before their grand wedding, Doug still could not come up with a Best Men and six groomsmen. Enter the smooth-talking hustler Jimmy who runs a Best Man for rent business to provide what Doug so desperately needed: a best friend. The spoofy title comes from the traditional Best Man duty of bringing the wedding rings during the ceremony.

Many wedding comedies would be about the bride, like "My Best Friend's Wedding" or "Bride Wars." There have been movies about the parents, like "Father of the Bride" or "Mother of the Bride". There have been been movies about the "The Wedding Planner" or "The Wedding Singer' or even "Wedding Crashers.' More recently, there had films about members of the entourage of either gender, "The Hangover" and "Bridesmaids." As a point of distinction, "The Wedding Ringer" is an uncommon wedding comedy made from the point of view of the groom.

Josh Gad is well-cast as the shy and socially-inept groom-to-be Doug. With his chubby frame, smiling face and polite demeanor, it is not hard to rally behind him and root him on. It is not really hard to conceive how a significant number of men could face the problems as Doug, not having male friends close enough to call a best man or groomsmen. He is easy for the audience to identify with.

Kevin Hart is a natural to play the boisterous and gregarious Jimmy, who had to fit in all the tall tales that Doug told Gretchen about his imaginary "best friend" dubiously named Bic. Despite his character's filthy mouth prone to profanity, Hart still manages to be funny and engaging in a potentially annoying role.

The other actors portraying the "groomsmen" were a rowdy random bunch of the strangest types of men. They were hit and miss in their jokes, many times coming off as too cringe-worthy. Easily recognizable among them is hefty, long-haired Jorge Garcia. The very final scene is even a well- placed reference to Garcia's most famous role on the hit TV thriller series "Lost."

As the bride Gretchen, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting basically reprises her breakthrough role as a sexy but flaky girl in an unlikely relationship with a nerd on hit TV comedy series "Big Bang Theory". More positively impressive is Olivia Thirlby as Gretchen's younger sister Alison. Ms. Thirlby is very pretty and smart, making a mark despite her limited screen time.

Overall, "The Wedding Ringer," with all its derivative, shallow and raunchy humor, still manages to come across with some insightful ideas about male friendships and its intricacies. The lead pair of Josh Gad and Kevin Hart share a vibrant bromantic comic chemistry together that is a lot of fun to watch. Looking forward to watching more film projects starring these two upcoming young comedians. 6/10.
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