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Sex & Nudity

  • References to homosexuality. There are some homosexual characters.
  • Little sexual references and innuendos throughout series.
  • A girl walks in the boys locker room and sees a guy taking a shower. Only top half shown.
  • Mild cleavage shown throughout series.
  • A girls dad sees her kissing a boy and he tries to kill him.
  • A girl's mom finds tampons in her room.
  • A fully nude boy lies in the back of a car, whilst having surgery. Nothing is seen.
  • A girl is shown coming out of the woods and covers her breasts with her hands
  • A boy and a girl have make out in a car until a boy knocks on the window.
  • It is implied that a girl is raped. Nothing is shown.
  • A girl talks about not wanting to be a "17 year old virgin," .
  • A girl drops a tampon in front of her class.
  • A boy suggest a girl is sexually frustrated.
  • A girl makes a comment about how a girl should stop pretending to suck at bowling just for her boyfriends benefit.
  • other sexual references and innuendos

Violence & Gore

  • This show has intense action scenes that normally include some blood.
  • A dead mans bare chest is shown with claw marks down it. (Graphic) This is shown quite a few times.
  • Half of a body is shown. (It shows the waist which is very bloody and gory from where the body was torn in half)
  • Stiles opens a container revealing the other half of the body.
  • Stiles and Scott dig up a dead body. (All you see is the head. The rest is underground)
  • A man gets burnt really badly. (You see his face, chest, legs, and arms all covered in blood with burn marks. (Graphic)
  • A man smashes another mans face on his laptop.
  • A girl shoots a guy with a gun. (He lives) (No blood shown)
  • A girl shoots a guy in the leg with a bow and arrow. (No blood shown)
  • A girl shoots a guy in the arm with a bow and arrow. (Small amount of blood shown)
  • A werewolf slits a girls throat with his claws. (Graphic + a lot of blood shown)
  • A young boy is stabbed by an older man. (You see the knife go in and stay there for a while. Blood shown)
  • Many people are punched, kicked, and thrown into stuff quite a bit. (Sometimes a little bit of blood is shown)
  • A man is hung outside his car.
  • A lady is almost killed but then the person that is going to kill her leaves.
  • A man covers a ladies mouth and nose and kills her.
  • There are many graphic and bloody attacks throughout the episodes.
  • A janitor is shown dead. (A lot of blood)
  • A car crashes into another car.
  • There are many intense scenes plus an intense car chase.
  • A boy pins a girl up against the wall. The end up falling to the ground and he wakes up. (He was being controlled) The boyfriend of the girl walks in on the other guy pulling up his pants. They then fight each other. They: punch, kick and throw each other. Also they break stuff
  • A doctor is shown inspecting some scratches on a teen boys neck before he cuts into his neck with a variety of medical tools and pulls out a long piece of parts of an unknown substance (most likely some kind of body part) mixed with blood and purple flowers. The boy is shown in great distress before he wakes up and realises it was dream. Still extremely bloody/gorey and disturbing. (Graphic and quite disgusting)
  • We see a man commit suicide by hanging himself. We hear bones breaking. (We are not familiar with this character when he dies but still very disturbing)


  • Few profanities like: b*tch,crap or swears like: "oh my god","what the hell","holy god" or "holy crap" etc. There is also some mild name-calling such as: "Idiot, stupid, dumbass, moron, brainless, etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mild smoking throughout series.
  • There is a scene where Stiles takes out Scott to get drunk.
  • At a club you see people drinking.
  • A man smokes a cigarette.
  • A boy brings a bottle of vodka to Prom. (You see him drinking from it a few times)
  • A kid gives his dad so much alcohol he gets drunk.
  • There are some brief scenes of underage kids drinking.
  • A man is given magic mushrooms to help him.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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