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Dylan O'Brien's character in Teen Wolf was unconscious for most of the episode "Lunar Ellipse" in order for him to finish filming The Maze Runner.
When Dylan O'Brien auditioned he brought a blank piece of paper and a link to two of his YouTube videos.
Dylan O'Brien originally went in to the auditions to read for the role of Scott but felt a better connection to the role of Stiles.
Many of the supposed wolf howls heard on the show are actually gorillas.
Tyler Posey's double-banded tattoo was added into the show due to the long process of covering up the many tattoos Tyler has.
Linden Ashby who plays sheriff Stilinski and Susan Walters who plays Natalie Martin are actually married in real life.
In season 5A, when all the characters are writing their initials on the library bookshelf during the senior scribe, look carefully and you'll see "METS!!" written on the shelf next to the one the characters are writing on. Dylan O'Brien snuck that in there.
The location known as Eichen House also appears in the movie Ouija where Shelley Hennig (known as Malia Tate/Hale in Teen Wolf) plays the role of Debbie Galardi.
Susan Walters (Lydia's mom) and Robert Pralgo (Jackson's adopted father) both also starred in The Vampire Diaries. Their characters were married and had a son that becomes a werewolf.
Michael Fjordbak, who plays young Peter, is 6'1". While Ian Bohen, adult Peter, is only 5'10".
According to Jeff Davis, the cast and crew traditionally watch the season premieres at his house (and he usually orders everyone pizza.)
Holland Roden originally auditioned for the role of Allison Argent twice, before reading for the part of Lydia Martin.
As of season 6, Tyler Posey is the only actor to have appeared in every episode. Season 6 episode 2 marks Dylan O'Brien's first absence. Holland Roden, though credited for every episode, was absent from episodes in seasons 2 and 3.
Crystal Reed was the first person to audition for the role of Allison.
Tyler Posey was considered for the role of Jacob Black in Twilight (2008) where he would have also gone on to play a teenage werewolf.
It takes four and half hours to get Tyler Posey into full werewolf makeup.
Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall) and Seth Gilliam (Dr. Alan Deaton) both starred in AMC's hit television show The Walking Dead.
Dylan Sprayberry is the youngest main actor
Kira was only supposed to appear for one season and then leave Beacon Hills. Jeff and the writers decided to keep her on after seeing Arden Cho's chemistry with Tyler Posey.
Shantal Rhodes and Jeremiah Sutheim won their respective roles on Teen Wolf through a contest, both appearing as recurring characters in Season 3.
The Sluagh which appears as a prominent antagonist in season 5 was the creation of an avid fan who entered her media graphic render of the monster through tumblr under #TWCreatureFeature which won a contest set up over facebook.
Daniel Sharman who plays Isaac Lahey is English in real life.
Like Buffy The Vampire Slayer both small Californian towns feature a center of mystical convergence drawing supernatural creatures to the town, Buffy's being the Hellmouth and Teen Wolf's being the Nemeton.
According to creator Jeff Davis,The Lost Boys (1987), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) and the Spider-Man comics were huge influences on creating this series.
Tyler Posey and Ryan Kelley guest-starred in episodes of Smallville (2001), while Tyler Hoechlin portrays Superman himself on Supergirl (2015). Dylan Sprayberry appeared as a young Clark Kent in Man of Steel (2013),
Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) has a lot more tattoos than the two bands around his left arm.
In the original Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox, Scott's jersey number is 42. In the TV show, Stiles jersey number is its reciprocal, 24.
Holland Roden revealed in a 2017 Panel that in a scene from Season 6 episode 1 "Memory Lost" where Stiles kisses Lydia in the cheek was not in the script, it was improvised by Dylan O'Brien and herself.
Holland Roden revealed in the 2015 PaleyFest Panel that the Banshee screams in the show are fake. Roden explained that the screams in Season 2 were real, but for the rest of the seasons she stage-screams and the crew have a lot of her screams banked in the productions. Roden also revealed that most of the actors who portray werewolves have also stopped growling in their scenes, Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennig are method actors and still growl, but Tyler Hoechlin has just been hissing for awhile.
The scene between Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) and JR Bourne (Chris) in the episode "De-Void", when Chris blew out the lighter was improvised. Jeff Davis liked it so much that he told them to do it for every take. It was eventually put in to the show.
Jeff Davis says the word that most people had trouble pronouncing was "shugendo scroll." The most often mispronounced name is "Malia" with people putting emphasis on the wrong syllable.
Shelley Hennig, who plays Dylan O'Brien's (former love interest/current close friend) Malia Tate/Hale also starred in The Secret Circle with Dylan O'Brien's real life girlfriend Brit Robertson.
Wolfsbane is poisonous to humans. The effects seen on the show is fictional. Inhaling and ingesting Wolfsbane could kill a human.
In addition to the character, plot, monster, action similarities and that both are based on original films helmed by the series forerunners both shows prominently feature Bianca Lawson as a recurring, powerful fighting character; Marin Morrell in Teen Wolf and Kendra Young in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Actress Bianca Lawson and Actor Cody Christian both starred in ABC's Family Pretty Little Liars (2010). Arden Cho had guest starred in the show as a friend of Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw).
Tyler Hoechlin and Tyler Posey both had guest roles on the show Lincoln Heights.
As of Season 2 supernatural creatures other than werewolves were introduced with the introduction of the Kanima.
Based on the film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox.
Dylan Sprayberry originally auditioned for the role of Young Derek Hale; but the creators of the show thought he was too young for the role, the role eventually went to Ian Nelson. Sprayberry later got the role of Liam Dunbar.
Ryan Kelley originally auditioned for the roles of Scott McCall and Isaac Lahey, but the roles went to Tyler Posey and Daniel Sharman. Kelley ended up getting the role as Deputy Jordan Parrish.
The Nemeton is a real tree known as Nemeta from a Celtic region in real life, a Nemeton is a sacred space.
In season 3 Argent mentions berserkers and how hard it is to kill then in season 4 Kate leads a team of berserkers to find Scott's pack
Ian Bohen revealed in a Teen Wolf Panel that in Season 3 episode 22 "Devoid", in a scene where his character Peter protects Lydia (Holland Roden) from the Nogitsune was his idea.
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Ian Bohen has a line that refers to a previous character he has played, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995) .
Dylan O'Brien in an interview, stated that if there is a spin-off of the series that he would not be apart of it at all. While Tyler Posey stated he would love to be a main recurring character on the show.
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Linden Ashby and Melissa Ponzio also appeared together in the pilot of Franklin & Bash (2011).
Both Colton Haynes and Tyler Hoechlin are both part of the CW now D.C. Universe. Haynes, who was Arsenal on Arrow and Hoechlin who is Superman on Supergirl
Both Holland Roden and Cody Christian have guess starred in ABC's Grey's Anatomy.
Holland Roden and Crystal Reed both have the same middle name, Marie.
Actress Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall) and Actor Matthew Del Negro (Agent 'Rafe' McCall) who play ex-husband and wife on the show both appeared in Chicago Fire.
Max Carver originally auditioned for the role of Isaac Lahey but the role went to Daniel Sharman, Carver later got the role of Aiden, one of the members of the Alpha Pack.
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Ian Bohen originally auditioned for the role of Dr. Alan Deaton before Seth Gilliam was cast for the role. Bohen later got the role of Peter Hale, Derek Hale's (Tyler Hoechlin) uncle and the first season's main antagonist.
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Dylan O'Brien has announced he will only be appearing in one or two episodes of the final 10. He was originally not supposed to be in any because of his busy movie schedule, but found some time to film a couple of scenes.
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Crystal Reed and Arden Cho are the oldest in the main cast to portray teenagers since both actresses are born in 1985, but Reed is only 6 months older than Cho.
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Both Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall) and Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) have appeared in different episodes of the tvshow 'Drop Dead Diva'.
Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) and Ian Bohen (Peter Hale) previously starred in Wyatt Earp (1994). Ashby portrayed Morgan Earp, the brother of Wyatt Earp and Bohen portrayed young Wyatt Earp.
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Season three, five, and six are split into two parts.
Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, JR Bourne, Ian Bohen, Linden Ashby, Susan Walters, Matthew Del Negro, Tom Choi, Melissa Ponzio, Sinqua Walls and Victoria Moroles all guest starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
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Adelaide Kane originally auditioned for the role of Erica Reyes, but the role went to Gage Golightly, Kane later got the role of Cora Hale, Derek Hale's younger sister.
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Susan Walters and Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall) both had minor parts in the TV show The Following staring Kevin Bacon
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The series is based on the feature film Teen Wolf (1985) starring Michael J. Fox.
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Dylan Sprayberry, Tamlyn Tomita and Ivonne Coll have all portrayed respective family members to main cast characters on Glee (2009-2015). Sprayberry portraying the younger Cooper Anderson (older brother to Darren Criss' Blaine Anderson), Tomita portraying Julia Chang (mother to Harry Shum Jr.'s Mike Chang) and Coll portraying Alma Lopez (grandmother to Naya Rivera's Santana Lopez).
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Daniel Sharman (Isaac) wanted to leave the show but asked Jeff Davis not to kill his character as he wished to return to the series at some point in the future.
Jeff Davis Orny Adams and Linden Ashby are the only people who know Stiles' real name. Though it is revealed in Season 6, episode 8 "Blitzkrieg" as Mieczyslaw Stilinski.
It is revealed in season 5 that Stiles' name begins with an 'M'.
Crystal Reed (Allison) did not come up with the scene in S05E01 where Scott writes down Allison's initials on the book shelf with all the other seniors' initials. This was a false rumor spread by fans of Crystal Reed via twitter. Jeff Davis confirmed in an interview that it was purely the idea of the writers to pay tribute to Allison.
Jeff Davis said in an interview that there was actually a side plot for season 3 where Jackson would find out that one of the Alpha Pack members was responsible for his biological parents death and would proceed to seek revenge. The plot was cut off due to Colton Haynes leaving the show at the end of season 2 to play the role of Roy Harper, on Arrow.
Crystal Reed asked to be killed off in order to pursue more mature roles. She no longer wanted to play a high school student.
There has been two Tylers, two Dylans and two Ians on the show. And starting from season 5 there were two Codys (Siantgnue and Christian Theo)
In season 3 Stiles references Back to the Future when he says Kira had 1.21 giga watts of electricity running through her.
At the end of season two when Jackson is seen standing up his werewolf eyes are blue this is due to the fact that he killed most of the 2006 swim team as the kanima because he was officially a shape-shifter from the night Derek gave him the bite of an alpha.
Danny mysteriously disappears after the season three ending and is not mentioned or heard from through out season four and the current episodes of season five. At the beginning of the lacrosse season in season four coach explains that Jackson and Isaac are gone but doesn't explain Danny absence however Jeff Davis has stated in a interview that Danny graduated earlier.
In the season 5b episode titled "Maid of Gévaudan" Crystal Reed returns two seasons after her character Allison's death, as Marie-Jeanne Valet, a peasant girl who killed the Beast of Gévaudan. She only appeared in flashbacks from the 1700's.
Each season of the show has a specific theme: Season one: The Argents, hunters, and the Alpha. Season two: The Kanima. Season three part one: The Nemeton and the human sacrifices. Season three part two: Japanese demons battling a Nogitsune which possessed Stiles. Season four: the Berserkers, Kate Argent returning, the Dead Pool, and assassins. Season five: The dread doctors and finding out what they did Season six part one: The Wild Hunt and Stiles being erased. Season six part two: The hunters and final battle
With the Season 5b final episode and overall season finale Apotheosis the character Arden Cho and Crystal Reed make their final show appearence, marking the exit of the actresses responsible for main cast characters that served as head hero Tyler Posey's Scott McCall's love interests.
Each season is foreshadowed at the end of the previous season. The season 1 ending shows Jackson receiving the bite foreshadowing him as the kanima in season 2. The season 2 ending shows the pack sign on the burned hale house door foreshadowing the arrival of the alpha pack. The season 3 ending shows Kate's return from the dead foreshadowing her and the berserkers. Etc.
Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) does not return in season 5.
In season 1 episode 5 the ending of Stiles real name is shown during the parent teacher conferences. Later in the show Stiles name is revealed as Mieczyslaw. The name shown in 1x06 is not the same.
Erica's death during season 3 was the first death to happen in this show that actually stayed dead throughout the whole thing.
In Season 5 episode 11 "The Last Chimera" Dr. Gabriel Valack (Steven Brand) mentioned to his orderly about Lydia's (Holland Roden) Banshee ability that she can use her powers to shatter a human skull as well; later in the episode "Lie Ability" Valack eventually meets his fate as Lydia's banshee scream shatters his skull, killing him.

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