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Contrived and predictable
Gino Cox13 January 2018
"Acts of Violence" suffers from a really poorly written script that relies heavily on tropes and plot devices borrowed from other films, including "Taken" and "Casino Royale." The villains are into everything, kidnapping, human trafficking, prostitution and drugs, including selling narcotics intended for use on rhinos. Their motivations seem to be to do whatever might make a visually interesting scene. It's largely contrived and predictable. The movie is a sequence of scenes we've seen before, but executed without panache and little logic. It's part teenage fantasy fulfillment for middle-aged gun nuts, part DTV low-budget actioner, part morality play with the subtlety of an Aesop fable. The actors do as well as they can with the material provided, but the script seems something that even Steven Segal would reject for one of his recent Eastern European productions. Production values aren't too terribly bad, but suffer from over-reliance on jiggly-cam shots. With some fifty-thousand screenplays written each year and a huge catalogue of scripts that haven't been produced, one would think they could have found better material.
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Atrocious is an understatement
ocallaghanruben13 January 2018
Usually I'll watch any action movie happily. Especially one starting Bruce Willis as a main character. This film however is drop dead awful. Unwatchable. From the gimmicky and unprofessional editing to the delay in the bullets hitting their mark.

Unrealistic chases and fight scenes where they cut costs by using cameras at various angles to mask the actual fighting. I could only watch 7 or 8 minutes of this torture before I had to stop. Probably the cringiest I have ever felt when watching a movie. So terribly terribly bad.

I usually watch any more regardless of what IMDB rating it got if it has an actor or two that I like. This film however would receive an absolute zero from me. Instead of checking this movie out in the cinem rewatch a classic. Trust me. You'll thank me later.

P.S This is my first time writing a review. I created an account with the sole purpose of writing this scathing and honest review.
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You don't want to know what you're not missing!
asdklhj13 January 2018
I felt so strongly about this piece of garbage that I specifically created an account to review it and hopefully save someone else from wasting their time. No matter how bored you are, you will feel worse after having watched this trash movie. The actors do an ok job, it's what you'd expect for a B-movie and the action scenes are cheap but watchable. However, the story totally ruined it for me. So much so that I could not even bring myself to watch it to the end even though I'm a sucker for pretty much anything that involves shootouts, military men or Bruce Willis... Please, move on with your life. Reading this review is already too much time you wasted on this movie.
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Nothing new but still ok
Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg)13 January 2018
This is one of those movies you watch when there's nothing else to see. It's been (over)done many times before. The acting was better than expected, even for Bruce Willis who's been questionable in his past roles. The directing was the major issue here. This film lacked direction to the actors - it felt as if they were on their own in some scenes and in others the dialogue and action could have been better portrayed. Part of that was also the camera operator direction, again the directors job. The writing also had some plot issues and the editing could have been tighter. Never mind the lousy score throughout the film. 6.5/10 rounded up to a 7 for B-list actors doing a better than expected job.
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Worth a watch if you are bored.
innovatingvisionary13 January 2018
Bruce does well in his brief appearances. The supporting cast does ok. mike epps as a villian DOES NOT WORK. literally anyone would have been better than a comedian who's abilities lay on the opposite side of the acting spectrum. its a solid 4.5 - 5. At a 5, it's worth a watch. Typical plot. girls being kidnapped /drug dealer taking over territory.. Not a movie I would watch twice..basically anything this movie does, there are others that do it much better in every way.
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Just couldn't finish it
LipjamUK13 January 2018
Annoying cheesy two dimensional characters. Very, and I mean very predictable story line. Politically correct agenda. What's not to love? This one I couldn't even finish. What the hell is Bruce Willis' agent taking these days? Willis has gone from Big screen draw to straight to TV (if he's lucky). There is absolutely nothing to see here folks so best just to move along please.
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Total Dross
ddr-1865413 January 2018
This is just a Bad film,although Bruce Willis was in it for about 5 minutes,he seems to be accepting any roles he is offered,i watched hoping it would get better but its was just Flat
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Just don't
sarahclough13 January 2018
Been using imdb for years but this is my first review. I set up an account as i feel quite strongly about this film (i feel bad calling it that). Now I've watched some shit over the years but this takes the cake. Not sure who actually wrote 3 out of the 4 reviews before mine but they should be banned from writing anymore. This is hands down the worst movie i have ever watched...just don't. No character development, no direction, written by someone with no creativity (it felt like they just wanted it to be over themselves) and don't get me started on the acting
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The Expendables with good actors
prabhunster12 January 2018
This movie is essentially The Expendables but tastefully tuned down:
  • Not as hokey, fewer big names, and fewer unnecessarily large explosions

The casting was decently balanced with a mix of B/B+ actors, most being recognizable but not necessarily known for only playing quintessential badass roles.

Once you're branded a badass actor (albeit not necessarily untalented), it's hard to break that mold in Hollywood, even if the actor is multifaceted. Willis is a great example if you look at some of his earlier work (Sixth Sense).

That being said, you know what to expect of modern-day badass Willis. As far as the supporting cast, it was appreciated to see some of the lesser-known unconventional actors 'earn' badass status in this movie.

I hope Hollywood realizes that you don't need to cast a well-built actor to play a badass role (unless body-type is pivotal to the plot).. But hell, look at Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad!

The verdict: Great action, decent acting/casting, contrived plot.

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Bruce Willis Phones in Another Bomb
Leftbanker13 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Why doesn't Bruce Willis just walk into any coffee shop in Hollywood and buy someone's screenplay sight unseen? He'd have to come up with a better project than the ones he's making these days. To say that this movie has a story is like saying a cat running across a piano keyboard is music.

Wow, this is seriously one of the worst movies ever made. Human traffickers just go around plucking women off the street? It's ironic because the hero is at a strip club where real human trafficking takes place. So the good guys are basically supporting human trafficking while the dude's fiancée is getting human trafficked.

How about this? In these terrible movies let's just do away with any pretense of a story and just get right to the fighting and killing. It's such a ridiculously stupid story that I'd be shocked to learn that the script took more than one day to write.

And, of course, the villain is a Black guy who speaks with a just-for-the-movies jive accent.
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Well considering Bruce Willis had only a minor role in here it looks just okay.
Aktham Tashtush13 January 2018
The movie is not the best this month, i kinda expected much, just when i saw Bruce Willis in there i was kinda excited ,, but he just had a couple of scenes in there and that was it , i realized they brought him in for publicity,

But ... to give the other guys credit, the movie was okay ,, had a sense of originality for a repetitive familiar idea ,, the plot was fine ,, and they surprised us with a couple of unexpected "deaths" , so it was build in a solid form.

The cast were good, as i said above i kinda wished to see more of Bruce Willis, but the others were talented enough , i don't know maybe i'm one of those who still stuck in in the "Die Hard Bruce" :D but yeah , the actors looked all fresh yet had talent and they all did good job.

cinematography was not really that huge,, i point to only one occasion were they blow up a basement .. it was so mediocre and didn't really show much ,, but anyway.

Final thought, no matter what it's a Bruce Willis movie so just go watch it ;)
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If this was a mini series, it would have been great.
brechtjustin16 January 2018
The first five minuites of this movie was great. The bond of the brothers protecting each other as children was great, and the VA scene was absolutely perfect. I have had the same experience with the VA. Unfortunately, after that, the story became fragmented. Honestly, it was a good story but the editing board must have had a hay day. It just jumped from scene to scene without many things being accounted for. The actors were not allowed to show their full range of emotions. If it was an 8 part mini series, it would have been great. The characters needed time to be explored more. If it had been longer, the action scenes could have been more developed. I like all the actors, and they probably did more in scenes that were left on the cutting room floor.
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Human Trafficking in Clevelend, Ohio
Watchakaboom16 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
While some movie critics and film buffs would be giving this unsatisfactory reviews, I on the other hand have been entertained and educated.

First of all, I'm entertained enough to see Bruce Willis as a supporting cast and working along side Cole Hauser again (remembering their work in Tears of the Sun of 2003). Bruce plays as a tired old cop who's can't take anymore of the frequent human trafficking case that doesn't seem to have an end to it. Cole on the other hand is an ex-military with PTSD who helps find his younger brother's fiancé no matter what it takes. So if you're looking for action, this movie has enough gun fight scenes to satisfy that expectation.

Finally, for someone like me who has little awareness about human trafficking in the US, this movie helped me realize that it's real and what makes it a big problem is because of the different forces at play supporting such dreadful heinous activities. Aside from human trafficking, family is also one of the focus of the movie. But if creating awareness about human trafficking is the main theme, whether it's in Ohio or anywhere in the world , I like the approach and how the story was written.
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Cole Hauser performed well
williamsburgess16 January 2018
Nice shoot 'm up, blow 'm up. Predictable.

Why do you have a main player (kidnapped women) whose face is completely numbed out with botox. She looks awful and can barely carry-on dialogue without sounding muffled. Ridiculous.
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It's taken but without a certain set of skills
MiloSuperSpesh16 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Some slight differences with how things happen and who's involved but essentially boils down to the same premise.

Just a poor imitation in just about every way.

characters are mostly the usual tropes/cliches, some of them are bit more sick/twisted than from taken.
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Enjoyable B grade action/thriller
djtranny15 January 2018
Wow after reading some of the bad reviews, I almost didn't watch it. I love the way people go out of the way to watch a movie that they know is a B grade action movie and then come on imdb and write a review that discredits everything you SHOULD expect in a B grade action movie. So let me write a list of things that you should expect in a B grade action movie and check those off first: Amateur script- check, Amateur story - check, Amateur acting - check, but above expected, Amateur camera work - check, but again better than usual, Plot Holes - Check. I like B grade action movies and when compared to the rest (and I've seen a LOT), I'd give this a solid 6.5 as it kept me interested and entertained for the majority of the 86 minute run-time and that's all that really needs to be said.
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Nothing to see here
hond-9206415 January 2018
Bad script. Dull dialogue. Cliche laden. Weak acting. Give it a miss. It is in the end a revenge movie and they could not even get that right.
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It's a January Film..
adonis98-743-18650315 January 2018
When his fiancee is kidnapped by human traffickers, Roman (Ashton Holmes) and his ex-military brothers set out to track her down and save her before it is too late. Along the way, Roman teams up with Avery (Bruce Willis), a cop investigating human trafficking and fighting the corrupted bureaucracy that has harmful intentions. Acts of Violence is a straight to dvd garbage fire starring Bruce Willis stunt double and some other actors that their careers have fallen short. Speaking of stunt doubles Willis was so bored to film and act to this project that he couldn't even throw a punch and i'm talking about a scene where he goes against a thug and then delivers a cheesy 90's one liner. The film also tries to get dramatic at times but the boring plot, characters, wooden acting and all the rest like the bland directing, bad script and all of those stuff make for a terrible movie but let's hope so that Willis will redeem himself with the Death Wish remake which looks alright and better than this at least. (0/10)
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What are guns good for? Killing! Bullets don't discriminate.
duvernetphotography15 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The synopsis says it all. The story is pretty simple. Unfortunately, this movie does little to speak to the problem of human trafficking. What it does do is glorify the gun and excessive force in civilian territory. There is always someone with a bigger gun, someone more ruthless. These good guys managed to show their brawn and get two family members killed in the process. It wasn't heroic, it wasn't necessary. It was stupid. If you tease a snake you're going to get bitten, especially if you don't kill it first. Americans are so tied to their right of self-defence and right to own a gun, they've forgotten what it is to be civil. This movie taught me how to draw a hand gun, how to shoot first and ask questions later and how to get my family killed in the process. There was no finesse, no awareness of the bigger game, no strategy. Liam Neeson has done it so much better and Charles Bronson before him.
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I don't get the 5+ above ratings for this..
psychedelicvoice13 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I know you can have your own opinions, but to compare this to the expendables or another better movie, I don't get it. This was under mediocre, poor acting, poor movie script. Poor everything. Worth a watch if only you are extremely bored.
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A short one
Wummes13 January 2018
It would have been hilarious if it wasn't as cringy and retarded as it factually is.
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A great one time watch that any guy with testosterone will enjoy. But not PC enough for critics
colemarisa13 January 2018
The movie is good. I had a great time at the theater. My brothers loved it. People have come up with some really,really weird reasons to dislike the film. Like "It takes a serious issue of sex trafficking, and puts it into an action film" Hello? EVERY SINGLE CRITIC LIKED TAKEN. Which did the exact same thing, but even more so. This film is harder hitting then Taken. And the bad guys are really interesting, and the victim is far more worthy of respect. The bad guy is brilliantly portrayed, but I don't think the critics liked someone of his ethnicity portraying a bad guy, especially a pimp. I loved him. Really, this is a good time to not listen to critics, this is not the kind of film they will ever like.
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Acts of Overacting
mk5714 January 2018
I was less than 20 minutes into this when I wished every character was trafficked and when approached, Bruce Willis's cop would say there was no chance of them ever being found. The End.
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Not Too Bad For A Bad Film
scottcoe13 January 2018
Bruce Willis in another average film, but the real reason why the critics seem so hateful is that the heroes are mainly white males (big no no for the SJW crowd, which is most of the media) and the crowning tu#d in the waterpipe, heaven forbid, the bad guys are actually bad, and lead by a black guy. Quick, someone call the UN and demand a war crimes trial!!!!
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Mr. Willis is a getting parody of him self.
Movie Lover14 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The most annoying in this movie is the voice-over. I think Mr. Willis did his voice-over when he was in a spa-bath thinking he was doing a voice-over for Disney's Cinderella. Thank god my friend brought a BR The Snowman, so we could forget the movie Acts of Violence. BTW the average age of girls getting kidnapped and exploited as sex-slaves is 14 not 24!
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