23 September 2017

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8:00 PMLive PD: Police Patrol: Overtime - Police Patrol  : Teens shot; gang shooting; high-speed mo-ped chase; dangerous highway pursuit; bull on the loose.
12:00 AMLive PD: Police Patrol: Overtime - Police Patrol  : Teens shot; gang shooting; high-speed mo-ped chase; dangerous highway pursuit; bull on the loose.
4:00 AMPhil Collins, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Lionel Richie: The most romantic songs - bring home the most influential love songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s.
4:30 AMTailgate With The NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer Healthy Fried Foods: Enjoy healthy, worry-free fried foods at your next tailgate.
5:00 AMBalding Solutions: Hair Club offers all proven hair loss solutions tailored to your specific hair loss needs.
5:30 AMSpring Into Warmer Temperatures With The NuWave Oven: Enjoy the fresh flavors of Spring by cooking delicious, healthy meals in the NuWave Oven.
6:00 AMShark IONFlex DuoClean Cord-Free Ultra-Light Vacuum - Shark MultiFlex Technology for Carpets & Floors: Cordless convenience, converts to a hand vacuum, removable battery, more suction power.
6:30 AMNew! Get Cindy Crawford's anti-aging discovery: New skin care discoveries from Cindy Crawford in 2017! Get 3 free gifts and free shipping today!
7:00 AMCriminal Minds - Zoe's Reprise: The team hunts for a copycat serial killer who is mimicking famous killers of the past.
8:00 AMCriminal Minds - Demonology: The team investigates a series of deaths with religious overtones.
9:00 AMCriminal Minds - Omnivore: BAU agents search for one of the most notorious serial killers in New England.
10:00 AMCriminal Minds - Into the Woods: The team investigates when an 8-year-old is found dead on the Appalachian Trail.
11:00 AMCriminal Minds - Retaliation: The BAU must profile a criminal after he escapes from custody and begins a killing spree.
12:00 PMEdge of Darkness: A Boston detective uncovers a government conspiracy linked to his daughter's murder.
2:30 PMTraining Day: A rookie cop meets a corrupt Los Angeles narcotics officer who wants to include him in his schemes.
5:00 PMStorage Wars - There's No Place Like Homeland: The bidders look for deals in Homeland, Calif.; Jarrod and Brandi loosen the purse strings.
5:30 PMStorage Wars - Total Wine Domination: The bidders visit Mission Viejo, Calif.; Jarrod and Brandi uncover an unusual piece of art.
6:00 PMStorage Wars - The Storage Buyer in You: The bidders revisit Lancaster, Calif.; Barry buys some bowls; Jarrod and Brandi score DJ equipment.
6:30 PMStorage Wars - Fear and Loathing in Placentia: The bidders visit Placentia, Calif., Jarrod and Brandi's purchase tips the scales in their favor.
7:00 PMStorage Wars - Barry Doubtfire: The buyers visit Stanton, Calif.; Darrell is banned from an auction; Barry goes under cover.
7:30 PMStorage Wars - Battle of the Brows: The buyers go to Moreno Valley, Calif.; Darrell tries to play nice.
8:00 PMStorage Wars: Best Bidding Wars - Fierce Fights and Betting Brawls  : Renee and Casey defend their home turf; the buyers fight for some rocking memorabilia.